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Fig Leaf Forum has been serving Bible-believing Christian nudists and Christian naturists for more than 19 years. We publish a newsletter, offer a fellowship service and operate this Web site.

If this is your first time visiting us, welcome! We're a large community of believers with subscribers all over the world. Here's a map showing where a lot of us live in North America (click the map for a larger view).

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If you're not a Christian nudist, then our way of living probably seems pretty strange to you, and perhaps even shocking. That's understandable. Social nudism is unlike anything most people are familiar with in today's culture. Christians who are experienced nudists will assure you quite honestly that family-oriented social nudism truly is wholesome, beneficial and -- most importantly -- compatible with the Bible. Chaste social nudism, like a lot of other good things in life, really does need to be experienced in order to be fully understood and appreciated. 

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Fig Leaf Forum publishes a free weekly newsletter by e-mail. Newsletters typically offer an assortment of material like: questions, answers and comments from subscribers; in-depth original articles; notable excerpts from other Christian nudist/naturist e-mail lists and message boards; gleanings from other Web sites, newspapers, magazines and books; and serial fiction. Fig Leaf Forum is always on topic!
Fig Leaf Forum has done much to reconcile my Christian faith with the enjoyment I derive from simply being in the nude, both at home and with others in appropriate social settings. I thank you sincerely for the insight you have provided in the matter of Christian-based nudism. I am proud to be a subscriber. (Martin, California)
Subscribers enjoy many additional benefits above and beyond their weekly newsletters:

+Free access to Fig Leaf Forum's entire collection of back issues.
+Free access other material including an extensive Christian nudist/naturist apologia, a large collection of fiction, links to subscriber Web sites and other material of interest.
+Free access to an online discussion board exclusively devoted to a discussion about Scripture as it relates to social nudism/naturism.
+Free access to Fig Leaf Forum's fellowship service. Thousands of invitations for contact have been exchanged between eligible subscribers over the past decade.

In the time that I've been using Fig Leaf Forum's fellowship service, I have made contact -- or contact has been made with me -- about eleven times. Of those with whom contact was attempted, I can honestly say I maintain a penpal correspondence with six of them, and also fellowship in person on occasion with four of them. The value of these friendships cannot be measured. (Dan, Florida).
As you can see, there are many good reasons to become a Fig Leaf Forum subscriber. If you feel God leading you to learn more about this healthy way of living, or if you've already answered the call and are an active Christian nudist, then please subscribe today. It's free and confidential!

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